Why Fitness and Music? (July 13, 2017)

    So I am what you would call a cardio queen. I got into running about five years ago and afterwards added in dance fitness. So…they question becomes why does this matter and what does this have to do with anyone else’s lives?

    A lot of my friends are runners, either 5k, 10k, halves or full marathons. Running is the primary form of exercise for musicians. It’s cheap (ish), portable (all you need are shoes, and convenient. For most musicians it goes beyond that. For all of us, exercise releases endorphins, therefore dropping stress and performance anxiety (hello runner’s high!), so for that alone, exercise for musicians, particularly cardio, can be intensely helpful. For wind players, it goes a bit farther. 

    Personally, I started running my senior year of college. It was a requirement, at first, I had to take a gym class. Slowly, it became a choice. For me, that choice became apparent when I heard the change in my sound. Running gave me higher air capacity and pressure and the choice to continue seemed obvious. 

    This was just the tip of the iceberg of what I’ve found fitness can do in terms of music, but what about you? What have you found helpful about working out in your playing? Does it help you focus, create a bigger sound, calm you down? Or does it create strong cross training because you aren’t so much a musician as an artist?