Long Time, No Talk (6/24/2017)

Two years is rather a long time to say nothing, that’s true.  Somehow, life seems to get away from us all at times and priorities change.  This can be a really positive part of life, though.  When our priorities change, it gives us a chance to grow and, sometimes, helps us discover who we truly are.  I certainly wouldn’t want to be who I was two years ago.  Who I was then was the perfect person for 2015, but it’s not who I should be now.

The same idea holds true in music.  When it comes to music, if we hold ourselves to the same standards we did when we were younger, we will never grow in any respect.  If we never grew musically, but grew as people, imagine how difficult it would be to portray our ideas in performance.  Oh…I want to portray what a huge fight feels like here, or maybe what falling in love feels like.  Perhaps you want to express the agony that can come with not getting something you really want (because musicians know nothing of that…).  If we stay where we are now, we never get the chance to express or experience these ideas and emotions, which makes it that much harder for us to connect and change our audiences.

Now, don’t go jump off a bridge to experience what a free fall feels like, but…if it’s always been something you’ve shied away from, maybe go on a steep roller coaster; it gets you to a similar point.  What do you think?  Have you noticed a big difference in yourself since the last time I wrote you all?  Has it made a difference in your musicianship or your life in general?

Look for about three posts a week (I hope…) With any luck, one on how fitness affects music, one on something strictly music, and one general one, how life in general affects music.


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