June 25, 2014: What does taking a day to yourself really mean?

It’s a valid question, I think.  Does it mean taking a day and doing just the things you want to do?  For me that would mean: waking up at a moderate time (8:00 or 9:00am), running, practicing, going out to lunch, goofing around, writing my blog, and/or practicing more, dinner at home.  I think it could mean that.  I think those sorts of “personal days,” if you will, are over used and can actually become really boring if we do them to much because they’re no longer special.  Can a “personal day” mean a day that isn’t necessarily what you planned, isn’t necessarily what you might usually consider “fun,” but has some special something to it?  I think definitely.

So what triggered this topic?  Well, usually I would have my lessons on Wednesday’s, but this week is the odd-ball out and I don’t.  So, after getting to bed at an absurdly late hour last night (late rehearsals do that to me) I didn’t get myself out of bed until 11:00am, by which I mean that’s when I opened my eyes, it took me another hour or so to actually remove myself from the cozy blankets!  By that point Mom had already dumped laundry at the foot of the bed, so I figured: eh, I’m sitting here, might as well fold.  10 minutes later laundry was folded and I got myself downstairs.

At which point I convinced my mom to make coffee.  It’s not something we usually do, but I had tried a new brand of coffee at rehearsal last Saturday and loved it, so Mom had bought some at the store.  It was a project to figure out how to do it, but it was a snugly warm project.  (I dunno how to describe it.  It’s like when you’re a little kid and the most everyday activities seem cool and exciting and wonderful and special, so you tuck them away and when you’re older those activities don’t seem so bad.)  Crashing through the kitchen trying to find a coffee maker was one of those moments and it was special and it’s funny that it happened now, even though I am decidedly no longer a “child,” well, at least not in age! 😉

While coffee was brewing and making everything smell amazing I decided we should make limeade.  We did, which was a project, squeezing all the limes, but it was really fun.  Plus, it also added to the amazing smells!  Unfortunately, we made a lot of dishes dirty, but here’s the thing, even though we did, and I started on them right after lunch, it didn’t seem so bad.  Somehow, all the dirty dishes weren’t such a big issue today because they paired with great memories! 🙂  So, I haven’t practiced yet today and I head to Zumba in about an hour and a half, but the best part is: even though there isn’t a ton of time for me to practice before I go, I can’t wait to get to it.

I may only hit tone and articulation exercises.  It’s possible they may not be the best one’s I’ve ever played, but that’s okay!  It’s been such a fantastic day, that it’s the excitement to practice, the refreshment with which I’m approaching this, albeit short, practice session that’s important.  And I think that that’s half the battle, especially when taking a “personal day,” whether it’s planned or accidental.  Whatever you do, you need to be ready to come back to that thing you’re taking a break from not just ready to tackle it, but excited to tackle it and maybe not tackle it, but engage with it.  If I’d followed my “what I want to do” personal day plan I wouldn’t be as excited to go play, but it was one of those spontaneous days that just happened and now, I can’t wait! 😀  Writing, practicing, running, any of it, I think you have to approach it with this mentality.

That being said, I should stop writing and go play music before it’s time for me to go dance! 😀


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