June 22, 2014: It isn’t easy…being green? No…

So last night I got some critiquing on my blog post (from Mom) which I appreciate.  She told me that it wasn’t her favorite or, she thought, my best.  I kind of agree, but it got me thinking that it isn’t always easy figuring out what and how to write.  I want to get in as much writing as I can as often as I can, but it isn’t always easy, sometimes coming up with a topic (beyond: today I did A, then B, then C) can be nearly impossible!  But I appreciate the criticism or feedback or whatever it is you want to call it.  It helps!

Finding a topic can be hard, but if you want to grab readers it’s also necessary.  I’ve always struggled with rambling whether I’m writing for pleasure or for school, sticking to a topic and making it have a logical progression has never been easy for me.  Heaven knows, when I’m trying to write something new, interesting, and generally with an attempt to be musical, it’s doubly hard!  That being said, I think it’s something we all struggle with when we write.  Limiting ourselves to one topic, especially when there are probably 12 million different things to talk about floating around in our heads can be hard!

Just to give you an idea, for me, at the moment, these are some of the things I have floating around in my head!  First and foremost, tight calves and stiff arches (early plantar fasciitis?  I hope not!).  Yes, despite being a musician above all this is what’s floating around most in my head in an attempt to stay healthy.  Second of all, practice plans, so much music to get through, not nearly enough time.  Next? Allergy, which is (I’m hoping) the reason for me being chronically tired the past week.  Orchestra Rehearsals, practicing piccolo, reading, cleaning, time management, prepping for camp, learning new music as it comes in, so on and so forth.  We all have this constant internal/external list that grows, shifts, and changes with each day.  The challenge is being able to sit down and focus on writing, practicing or whatever else is important at that moment and moving everything else aside.

The next several days that I write my goal will be to focus on one thing, whatever that maybe and have that be what I write about on a given day.  We’ll see how I do with that, but it’s worth a shot.  Certainly, it’s something I ought to be able to manage over the summer…I hope! 🙂



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