June 20, 2014: I’m all mixed up!

I had a blog post written and ready to go on Tuesday night on the train down to rehearsal.  By the time I got home I was starving and exhausted, but the reality was, the only thing I could contemplate was my pillow and simply wanting sleep!  So, off I went!  On Wednesday I had issues waking up in time to make the train for my lesson, and then came home and barely moved the rest of the night.  Keep in mind I also slept for 10 hours yesterday!  Yeesh!  Today, I was still exhausted!

So this is me, saying that somehow, late rehearsals on Tuesday nights have mixed up my brain now and that sleepiness has been the way of life the last couple of days.  Keep in mind that this is also compounded with extreme soreness in my calves on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I seriously had trouble walking a mile on Tuesday night.  I’m not 100% sure what’s going on right now, but running is out of the picture until I figure it out.  The weird thing is, I’m betting while I can’t run, I can probably do “HIIT” with no problem for my calves, so I can’t quite figure it out.  😛  I suppose I don’t know whether that’ll work or not yet, but hey, things to try!  I was okay doing (shoeless) Zumba this morning, so go figure.

In music-land things are going well.  The goofy schedule I’ve kept the last couple days practicing has not happened with the frequency or intensity I would like it to, but I’m hoping I can fix that soon!  It’s a question of finding the schedule that will work with my new schedule this summer.  A schedule that will again drastically change when I go to camp in a few weeks!  Still, if I can find one that works while I’m home and in rehearsal, that’s a better place to be than picking out the pieces day by day.  I have another rehearsal “early” tomorrow.  I’m excited, but because I’m piccolo I’m also terrified!  Keep you posted on how things are going, as long as I’m awake enough! 🙂


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