June 16, 2014: It’s a Matter of Respect…

At least for the surrounding community.  Okay, call me whiny, grumpy, old-lady-ish,grudge-holding or other.  I’ll admit to everyone of those accusations, I am and I get stuck in ruts when it comes to complaining about things (and I complain, a lot).  I know it and I try not to, but tonight was edging for an incredible win in terms of lack of respect.

I live near a music festival and I have all my life.  When I was little the festival was mostly classically based in terms of programming (think Brahms, Hadyn, Mozart, Bach etc.)  Within the last few years the venue has moved away from the classical programming to much more pop and rock music, but okay, maybe I’ll buy that they need to make money, maybe.  Tonight was pushing the level of respect for the community, however.

There were very few policeman wandering around the area tonight, with one of the biggest current pop/R&B acts opening the season tonight.  Traffic was abominable with no police controlling it and the poor kids that work at the festival sending traffic the wrong way.  That was a huge problem because it clogs residential streets.  Main arteries are one thing, but the organization is supposed to keep the side streets clear.  Let’s add in that the police never ticket those attendants who park illegally, and I assure you, many do!

What else?  Well, the music was turned up so loud tonight (between 8:00-10:00pm) that you could hear it in the community as clearly as if you were in the park at least half a mile away, possible farther.  Beyond that, ticket holders exiting the park were loud and rude, around 10:00pm talking with raised voices in a community filled with young families and older neighbors, many of whom are asleep easily that early.

Tell me I’m grumpy, I probably am, but tel me there isn’t also a lack of respect for the surrounding community issuing from this organization.  I have to point it out.  As a friend and I discussed as well, adding more pop/rock concerts is not going to “help pay for” the classical concerts, it is, however, in fact, going to push the classical concerts off the schedule all together as it is threatening, already, to do this season.  It’s a sad statement on an organization that used to be a positive pinnacle in our community.  They should turn down the music (at least a little), turn up the police presence, push for the proprietors to be respectful of the surrounding community, and, perhaps, return to the roots of what the music festival was a few years back, the summer home of the local orchestra!


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