Aaand I should be practicing…

But I got distracted, as I often do…of course.  But it’s sunny out and somehow that doesn’t translate into functioning well.  Anyway, what’s happened over the last couple of days?  I went to my high school band directors last concert last night.  I won’t go into just how wrong it is that he’s being forced out, I’ll just say that at least he left with a bang!  The top band finished the concert last night playing the finale of Armenian Dances Part II by Alfred Reed (at tempo!) and the Saint-Saens Organ Symphony.  I’m proud of all of them and I’m sad to see Doc go.  It’s wrong and I don’t have much else to say on the matter.

In other news my last 24 hours have been wonderful.  First of all Meryl Davis and Maks Chmerkovsky won Dancing With The Stars.  They deserved it this season and I’m very happy for them.  But that’s a small thing in comparison to some others that have happened! 😀

All my grades are finally in and I shall say, I’m 90% sure I could win a poker game with them (All A-ce’s!) 😉  I’m really excited and really happy.  It’s only the second time ever I’ve pulled off a 4.0, let alone doing it two semesters in a row.  That’s very exciting! 😀

Also I received news that I actually got into the music camp I applied to earlier this year.  I didn’t think it was going to happen after winding up on the wait-list, but Chamber camp, here I come!

That’s currently all that’s coming to mind.  I need to go brush my teeth and go play with my flute! ❤

Best! 😀


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