January 13, 2014: Thoughts on Memory

Computer problems,*sigh*. I guess it’s partially my own fault. I was too lazy today to bother fiddling with the silly thing. Things to do tomorrow, I suppose. Today was a good day though. I ran this morning, which is always a good start to my day. I came home, ran errands with Mom, but only a few, because time was a bit tight, but we got the important things taken care of. Mom was great and went to the library for me to get a book I need for this research paper. I’m really excited to look at it. One way or another it’s a gorgeous book and it’s going to be such fun to play around with!

Anyway, after I dropped Mom off I went to meet one of my dear friends for coffee/tea. It seems like I’ve been seeing many “old” friends recently, probably because I have. It’s never dull, though. I treasure each meeting with them and I add it to my treasure box of memories. I have this habit of, if the memory is important, or if it relates to my friends, I keep it and remember nearly every detail of it. I’ve never before referred to it as a “treasure box”, but now, as I write it, I realize that it’s true. Everyone of these memories is like a jewel to me and I keep them somewhere special where they’ll be safe until I need them. I guess that makes the people involved in the memories jewels too! Seeing these friends is a special thing for me because they are so special and so, because I can’t see them everyday anymore, I keep them near me like this. I guess, maybe, it’s my version of a mind/memory palace. Funny, I never thought of it like that until today. It really doesn’t matter though. The important thing is that I know these memories and these people are incredibly important to me and that they know it too. Now, I need to go analyze some Bach before bed. Like my alliteration?


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