January 12, 2014: Slow Days, Slow Computers

So, my computer is being obnoxious, therefore I’m back to writing these on my phone for the moment. Please pardon any misspellings and grammar mistakes that come from a two inch keyboard! 😉 I had all these brilliant ideas for posts this morning as I was running, but, surprise! I get set to write my blog and they’re all gone. There’s a couple of specific things I want to write about, but a major word with those is: spoilers, so I will hold off a bit before I dive into that writing project.

One post that I want to work on, when my computer stops being a slab of grey metal and starts working again is an “essay” I keep writing and re-writing in my head about “Desolation of Smaug”, specifically about Kili and Tauriel’s relationship. I know it’s caused more than a slight uproar in the fandom, but I have very definite ideas about why it’s there and why it works. I want to share them here, but preferably when I can type with both hands, not just my thumbs.

For tonight I suppose I’ll simply leave it at this: life is about good books, good writing, good runs, good music, but most importantly the best friends and family. Hopefully there will be something more substantial for me to contribute here tomorrow. Until then.


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