January 10, 2014: Good days and Papers

Today was definitely a good day.  It was certainly productive.   I danced this morning, ran some errands this afternoon, practiced this evening.  There was all sorts of good stuff, but the best thing, so far, is that I registered for another, yup, another half marathon.  This one is in the spring which means training starts soon.  My goal until I have to start training outside is just to keep up my mileage indoors.  Anyway, that’s been the major excitement for today, that and practice, and Zumba all of which have been a blast.  I’m also trying to think about a topic for my big research paper next semester. 

This paper, as far as I am aware, can be on anything.  I’m thinking I’d like to do a comparison of Howard Shore’s score for The Fellowship of the Ring and Johann de Meij’s Lord of the Rings Symphony.  They’re two very different pieces, but they portray the same characters and many of the same events in the novels.  I think, not only would it be a really cool assignment for a (am I a Tolkienite or a Ringer?) LOTR fan, but I think it could be pretty informative.  It would be interesting to look and compare the scores.  See the similarities and the differences.  It would be interesting the different composers who influenced each composer.  It would be interesting to see how they portrayed the same characters musically.  I’ve played the de Meij symphony before and I own the music for Fellowship.  I can hear the differences, but I’m intrigued to study them.  That being said, I’m not 100% sure on how to find resources.  One thought I had was to e-mail the composers (which I might do).  Other than that, if anyone reading this has any thoughts, I’d love to hear them.  I’m always listening to Howard Shore’s music anyway, so I figure studying it (which I do informally, anyway) would make for a fantastic and interesting paper.  So, since at the moment I seem determined to pursue this subject, if anyone has any ideas on resources or how to find them, give me a heads up.  Until tomorrow, best! 🙂


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