January 6, 2014: It’s COLD!

And that about sums up today.  Nobody did anything!  The whole bloody state is basically shut down!  Yes, i grant, that it is cold, but I also grant that I’m pretty much going stir crazy already.  It’s not like I’ve done absolutely nothing today…okay, I’ve mostly done nothing.  My brain feels fried, I have no motivation to do anything, because doing anything (with the exception of working out, because you warm up doing that) means I have to crawl out from under the blankets.  So, my day has been: sleep late, play with my Zumba DVD’s, help Mom cook in the warm kitchen, take a shower, curl up in bed with my computer, than a magazine, and now my computer again.  Even with that sad little schedule, I still just want to curl up and hibernate. 

It’s early to happen, but I’m starting to get to that point of the winter where my thoughts are: “Okay, it’s nap time.  Wake me up a couple days before my birthday!”  It’s starting to look like tomorrow’s going to be just about as bad.  However, maybe, just maybe, tomorrow I’ll have more motivation to do…something!  Even convincing myself to do this is quite the bout with laziness (which is losing for the third time today, but only the third)!  Ah well, I suppose we all have days like this, but it is unusual for an entire state to get a couple of lazy days to be locked inside by -40 degree wind chills.  The best news?  The weather front moves out tomorrow night, so life should get less.cross-eyed soon.   Stay warm all (including all in the South, because I mean really?  When does it get to 26 in Florida?!?!) and try to avoid my problem of just wanting to sleep all day! 😉


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