January 1, 2013: Happy New Year!!!

So it’s been a lovely, lovely start to the new year!  I’ve had such a wonderful day! 😀  They say whatever you do on the New Year is what you’ll do the rest of the year.  If that’s true, I’m going to have quite a fantastic 2014!  My day started off with shoveling and, yeah, I could have done without that, but hey, you do what you have to do to do what you have to do.  Got it?  No?  Sorry! 😛  That’s my brain right now. 😉  Anyway, I shoveled, then I went to the track and ran…six miles.  It was lovely.  There was lots of thinking time, which I enjoyed.  I’m not saying I think about productive things when I’m “in my zone,” but I think and it’s nice.  People can judge me when I’m running (and dancing or giggling to myself) but it bothers me less than when I’m not running.  Somehow, I just don’t care, I’m having fun and that’s really the point of it, I think! 🙂

I came home from my run and watched the Rose Parade with Mom, which was also fun!  We both wish the camera work had been better, but I’ll take what I can get, I suppose.  Then off I went to practice, which was also nice.  The rest of my day was um…rather Sherlock filled.  I watched two episodes, one of which was “The Blind Banker” and I’ll let you use your imagination to figure out the other.  It’s good.  It depends where you tune in, I guess, how well you like it, but I was very fond of it and I’ll say one thing; I adore Mary Morstan!  She’s smart, clever, fun, witty, and the preview for the second episode has her sprinting in her wedding dress.  I mean, that’s pretty cool! 😀  Anyway…not everyday of your life can be running, fluting, and BBC dramas (the good ones) with your family, but those days that can, they’re worth every second!  Happy New Year, friends!  May it be wonderful!


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