December 30, 2013: Mon Frere

Alright, I know the title drives you up and over the wall, now get over it! 😛  Some people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  That’s the saying at least.  At first, I thought you were there for a season, then, maybe a reason, and in short order, it became apparent, I was stuck with you!  There are people who walk into your life with a smile, some walk in with a hand shake, my “brother”, if you will, walked into my life our freshman year of high school with a hug that threw me off.  I still remember.  He was sitting on the ground, by our lockers with his girlfriend at the time and all of a sudden he jumped up and gave me a hug.  My reaction was a long the lines of (in my head) Uh…that was weird, and his girlfriend is right there??? What I said out loud was: “Whhhat was that for”?  His response?  “You looked like you needed a hug?” A shrug and off he walked back to his spot next to his girlfriend.

The longer I knew him the more I realized: that was just him; the crazy violinist who randomly walked up to people and gave them hugs.  For a year and a half, I swear, I thought he was the kid I would never ever understand, then something changed, so many things changed.  Our friendship suddenly started to grow, we had two very dear friends in common and thus we were constantly together.  Our friendship, contrary to the annoying opinion of some people we knew, was never anything beyond that.  We were friends that quickly grew into siblings.  I’ve gotten calls at the worst points of his life and the best.  He’s gotten the same.

In college I called him after midnight when I was so upset because I’d failed a paper.  He wasn’t amused, but he answered the phone anyway.  He got phone calls when I didn’t understand my theory homework and he had to help me decipher it :P.  And there were so many times I got those sorts of phone calls back (okay, not the homework ones)!  I got calls that made me smile because he’d found a wonderful girlfriend, I got calls that made me sad because they’d broken up, I got calls that brought tears to my eyes because they made me miss my “brother” something terrible.  For heaven’s sake, for the last six years most of our life has been based on phone calls.  They’ve stuck with me, though, those calls.  The call I got our senior year of high school when he got a call back for Curtis.  Or the one I made last year when I got into grad school, and I don’t think I screamed too loudly…on the phone (I gave my mom a heart attack though, sorry Mom…)!

And after all this time, after all these years of “siblingship,” if you will, I’ve learned something important.  It doesn’t matter what other people think, it matters what’s in your heart!  This kid, he’s my brother and there’s nothing anyone can say or do that’s going to change that.  The two of us would do anything to protect the other and that’s how it will always be.  We’re fiercely protective of the other person and, from my understanding from people who have siblings (which includes him), sometimes you fight, sometimes you tease each other until your both blue in the face (which we do mercilessly, sometimes), and sometimes you’re willing to die to protect the other person, be it their reputation or actually them.

There are people with whom you have friendships of convenience or proximity, people where your friendships come and go, or are there for a few years and then evaporate, and then there are people who walk into your life and never walk out.  I’m lucky enough to have many of those people in my life.  They’ve become my family, nearer and dearer to me than any traditional friends could be.  I wrote about two of them last night, I’m writing about the last of them tonight.  You are my best friend, my “brother” (I know, it drives you crazy, sorry 😛 ).  I thank you for everything you’ve done for me over that last…ten (OH MY GOSH!!! TEN?!?!?!?  When did that happen?) years.  I thank you for all the memories, for all the laughter, for all the advice, teaching, music, smiles, and worries.  I can only say that I look forward to writing another blog post like this in another ten years…that will be a strange day.  Thank you so much for everything!


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