December 28, 2013: The Piccolo Player (grad school)

So I love all of my section mates, a lot.  Our piccolo player and I get along really well, though.  She was the first person I met in person at school.  She and I both did music education in our undergrad and we’re both flute performance majors now.  She and I have birthdays four days apart.  Most importantly, though, she and I never seem to run out of things to talk about.  It can be 3:00am and we’ve spent the whole evening hanging out and we still have no lack of discussion topics (cause that’s never happened…).

It’s more than just random slumber party chat, though.  She’s the person at school that I talk to the most.  I see her in the hallways, we invade each others practice rooms (me more than her), we help each other procrastinate (oh wait…that’s a bad thing! 😉 ).  Either way, somewhere a long the way, we definitely connected and I’m so happy for it!  She teases me, I tease her back, badly.  We swap student teaching stories, we swap practice tips, flute tips, stories about our friends. (No one is spared! Mwahahaha! Just kidding!)  We talk about BBC shows (which will only get worse when we get back because of Sherlock).  There are so many great things to discuss, people and places and things to talk about and do, it seems to be inexhaustible.  I used to only have these kinds of close relationships with my friends from home, from high school, but that’s not necessarily true anymore.

All four of us are important to one another, and the “Fab 4.0 😉 ” wouldn’t be the same without everyone.  Still, I’m thankful to have a place where people understand me and where I understand them (at least, I think I do…?) 🙂  She and I have another 3 semesters to get to know each other more and I look forward to having that chance.  For all the great memories we’ve already made and all the new and wonderful ones to come, thank you!


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