December 28, 2013: My would-be stand partner

She sits next to me everyday in band.  She and I sit around and compare stories from our home city.  We share sports teams, we share a sense of home.  She’s the oldest of the four of us, but she’s still one of us.  She laughs with us, she plays flute with us, and she’s one of the fab four, one of four wonderful friends I’ve made over the last four months!  Now, I run into the problem that I don’t want to sound like “Pete and RePete were in a boat…”.  There’s ways that groups tend to separate out.  When the four of us are together, we tend to have two conversations going at the same time (we zone in and out of both conversations).  She and I have one conversation going and the other two of us have a different one going on simultaneously.  It’s hilarious, to us all, how this can happen, but it does, on a daily basis.

 I feel guilty sometimes, because the other three of us are in orchestra, so we spend lots of time together, that she sometimes doesn’t get to.  She’s wonderful and understanding, though, and she gets why.  I’d love to spend more time with her, outside of rehearsals too, but we’re at such different places in our lives that it becomes a challenge sometimes (only in terms of scheduling).  I’m so grateful to have someone who’s kind of from home at school with me.  I’m so happy to have someone to commiserate with when our football or hockey teams are stupid.  I’m glad she brought back sitting on the floor and talking.  Without her, our section would not be the same.  Without her we’d just be a different dynamic, so I’m so glad and thankful that she’s my friend and that she is part of the fab four! 😀  Thank you!


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