December 23, 2012: Doc 2

So this is the college Doc, versus the high school Doc, since there are two, I have to specify (tomorrow night is Doc 1, *sigh*.  I apologize for using numbers).  This is the Doc who probably helped me stay sane over the course of four years, the one who believed in me enough to place me as principal flute in his band, and the one who (sometimes I think to his chagrin 😉 ) really encouraged me to pursue becoming a flute performance major.  It’s been a while since I’ve been back to visit, but I still think about Doc often during rehearsals, what I learned from him and how much more the Pack influenced our rehearsals that weren’t in the “homeland”.

Doc definitely makes for good stories, which I share with my friends at UWM.  My favorites to share are the lion profile pictures and how we could gauge rehearsals based on which teams won or lost the previous weekend.  (Glad there’s no school next week 😉 )  Seriously, though, I learned so much from Doc.  He was one of my teachers in college who pushed me to work harder, go farther, do better, and try my hardest.  Doc and I didn’t always see eye-to-eye on everything (when does anyone ever?) but we respected each others opinions and he was instrumental in helping me learn to work with people who it can be a struggle to work with.

“Keep smiling” was his motto, for all of us.  Some people took it to heart, some didn’t, but if you stop and think about it, it’s really the best advice you can get.  Keep smiling, you make someone else’s day.  Keep smiling, your day will get infinitely better.  Keep smiling, eventually, bad things won’t be able to touch you.  Doc once told me I needed to develop thick skin, about two inches deep.  If you keep smiling, it will grow.  It won’t fix everything, but it definitely helps.  So…keep smiling, folks. 🙂


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