December 22, 2013: My graduate school flute teacher

One last flute teacher.  One last wonderful person, who has taught me so much in a short span of time, one last flute teacher who I’ve grown to know over the last four months.  I auditioned at her school as the last of my five.  By the time I auditioned there I was worn down and a little miserable, because by then, I’d been rejected from 3/5 schools.  Despite that, I auditioned and I’m so grateful that I did and that my (now) teacher let me in!

Four months and we hit the ground running.  In four months I’ve played in a master class, auditioned for a concerto competition, worked hard in two different ensembles, learned a lot of orchestral excerpts, and some things about myself as well.  It’s been a blast getting to know my teacher, getting to know the school, getting to know the repertoire, and loving my lessons and where I am.  I keep talking about my friends from the studio, but our teacher is the one who designed the studio, our teacher is the one who has encouraged our silliness (to an extent), our friendship, and our playing.  We are so lucky to have her, I am so happy to be studying with her, and I can’t wait to get to know her better over the next couple of years.  Thank you so much and I’m excited for next semester! 😀


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