December 22, 2013: Flute Professor (not my grad school one ;) )

So, among the recommended teachers my one flute teacher suggested was the flute professor at U of I.  I am so grateful that she suggested that I apply there.  Applying there the first time opened the door for me to study with the flute professor there.  I am so grateful that I had this opportunity to study with the flute professor there.  I learned so much from this professor, so much about so many things.  I learned many things about the flute, about music (specifically orchestral excerpts…like not to blow holes in his office 😉 ), about schools, but about other things too.  I learned so many things about myself by studying with this professor.

He was the first teacher I ever had who would never take “I’ll try” as an answer.  If he asked me: can you play this with a better tone?  My response began as: I’ll try.  His response would be: “No, you’ll do it.”  Eventually, I heard that enough that when he began to ask: “Can you play this faster?” I would say: “Yes.”  Even if I didn’t play something as well as I had hoped to play it, at least I had done my best, played with confidence, and showed that I could do something (even if only to myself).  Even now, when someone asks me a question about if I can do something, I don’t respond with “I’ll try”, I respond with “Yes, I can”.

There are teachers who come into your life and teach you not only about their “subject”, but also about life and who you are as a person.  I was very lucky to have this teacher who taught me about both and continues to do so, since I still take lessons with him whenever I can. Thank you! I look forward to seeing you soon! 🙂


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