December 21, 2013: My high school/college flute teacher

So these are going to be tricky, because I want to do one of these for four different flute teachers.  Not using names? This is going to be tough!  Anyway, we’re going to start with the teacher I started studying with my senior year of high school and I kept studying with her all through college when I was home on breaks.  She taught me so much and she’s one of those teachers who comes into your life exactly when you need her.  When she came into my life as one of my teachers I was a senior in high school with a lot of friends who were preparing to be music majors as I was.  The difference was they all had teachers who were prepared to get them into a reputable music school, and before I changed teachers that was not my situation.

Once I did switch teachers my playing began to improve rapidly.  Suddenly, there was more center to my sound, I was playing harder repertoire and pushing through it faster.  It was a huge and wonderful change.  I practiced more and longer because I wanted to and I had something for which to aim.  I’m not saying this switch in teachers was the only that got me to where I am now, because it definitely isn’t, but it was a big influence.  Pushing myself through auditions, working hard, seeing what I could accomplish, and learning how much I enjoyed accomplishing what I was doing, that all started back then.  It’s stayed with me and directed me towards grad school. 

On that path, this same teacher has directed me towards other important and wonderful teachers in my life, and really, because of her and her recommendations I have come to the happy place I am today.  I’m so thankful for her teaching, her friendship, and her mentor-ship.  I look forward to a continued relationship that is equally as wonderful as it has been these last many years! 🙂


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