December 15, 2013: High School

Yes, I’m back dating.  It’s finals week and I was exhausted last night and had a paper due today, so I decided to double up today.  It’s a two post day, friends.  In between studying! 😀  Last night’s what am I thankful for was supposed to be my high school.  I’m an oddity, as many of you have probably figured out.  I loved (and I mean loved) both middle school and high school.  I made some of my best and dearest friends in these places and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.  In addition to the friends I made I also had some of my most influential teachers (who might as well be called professors, some of them, they were so knowledgeable)!  I would love to take the time to write about every last one of them here this year, but I have to save something for next winter, right?  Today, I’m just going to focus on high school and why it was so special to me!

Let’s start with the fact that high school and college were backwards for me!  High school was like college, where I made some of the best friends I will ever have and college was like high school, where it took me forever to find my place, and by the time I did I saw so much wrong with where I was there was no hope I would be anything but happy to leave.  (Not the people, the place!)  My high school was about the size of a small college and we did things!  We had Charity Drive once a year where we raised money for a local charity by doing whatever we could think of, be it selling doughnuts in the hallways (yup, that happened), selling pins, having school dances, having faculty fashion shows, you name it, we probably did it and we made a lot of money.  It was more than that, though, Charity Drive brought the school together as a community like nothing else did, or could.  There were other things to.  My senior year, our environmental class became one part of many that worked to create a prarie North of our school.  We spent days pulling weeds, turning soil, planting seeds, and having a blast the whole time.  Then of course, there was the day we made snow forts in that class and the day we learned to skip rocks, it was such a great class, with a phenomenal teacher, and great students.

Then, of course, there were the teachers.  I never met a teacher at that school who didn’t care how I was doing.  I wound up in an argument with my junior English teacher one day and rather than docking me points, he came and found me in the hallway after school and we talked about it.  We discussed why I was angry and we figured out how to fix it.  There was, obviously, my environmental science teacher, who taught us everything environmental science-y and taught us other fun facts along the way (like the fact that Buckthorn’s are pure evil!) 😉  There was my freshman and sophomore history teacher (same teacher, both years) with whom I developed a friendship and she and I still keep in touch.  I could go on (these are some of the teachers who I’m not going to devote an entire post to this year) but then this would never end.

The last thing that made this school so special was the students.  Let’s just accept the fact that people gravitate towards others with whom they share common interests, so it holds to logic that the Pom’s girls would be friends with each other, that the music kid’s would be friends with each other, that members of the dance team would stick together, football players would do the same, and so on and so forth!  That being said: when was the last time a football player walked up and thanked a member of the marching band?  The last time a basketball player or a member of Pom pon’s did the same?  The last time you remember the star quarterback on the football team was in an acting class at school and took it seriously!  Everything I just listed happened to me in high school.  I was thanked by members of sports teams and pom’s and dance team for playing at sporting events. I took an acting class with our star quarterback my sophomore year and he took it seriously and was fantastic!  It was just the way our school worked!  I was proud to be a part of it then and I’m proud to have graduated with my class now!  I cannot convey how thankful I am for being able to go to the high school I went to, but suffice to say, I am exceedingly grateful!


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