December 13, 2013: Bilbo Baggins (or The Desolation of Smaug)

No spoilers here, promise.  Well, other than I adore Tauriel, but that’s not really a spoiler, is it?  Why on earth am I thankful for a book, a character, a film?  Well, this film was the reason for last night’s um…flumber party and today’s outing.  More importantly, these books, these characters, these movies, there’s something very special about them to so many.  Generations of people, young and old, fans of the series, new and old, people who have and have not read the books.  It appeals to all (okay, most) and it moves them all (this is starting to sound like “The Circle of Life”).  It’s the more unique things about this series that I love though.

For me, it has the ability to totally carry me away from everything real, into Middle-Earth and I never want to leave.  The acting is amazing.  I really do think Richard Armitage should get some sort of award for Thorin!!!  Every detail that you see it seems like you could reach out and touch though…you may not want to touch everything.  The scripts are clever!  These are movies made by film-makers who appreciate their fandom and throw Easter eggs all over creation for us to find!  These movies have been a connection between my closest friend as we’ve gone through life.  Even if we have nothing else in common (which is not true), we always continue to have this literature in common.  There is a mutual love of the characters, who are so compelling, the language, the beauty of the scenery and sets, the costumes, but most of all the first in the list, the characters.  When you have a Sam, or a Pippin or Merry, who deliver lines like: “There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for!” or “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you.”  And there’s quite a few lines from today’s movie that are worth quoting, but I’ll be good and refrain!  For now, I leave you with this, which is pretty cool (and spoiler-less)



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