December 8, 2013: Friends and Family

The best way to start this is as follows: the good news is, all of my friends and family are, to the best of my knowledge, safe and sound!  Yahoo!  It’s been a crazy day here.  They wound up closing all the major highways around here because of weather and accidents.  Not fun!  And of course, the first place our minds go when something like this happens is to our friends and family and making sure they’re okay.  I’m so lucky to have wonderful friends and family and they often are one in the same.  Some friends are like family, some family are more like friends!  It’s one of the most fantastic feelings in the world! 😀

I can go through everyone individually for this post, but that’s coming (and yes, I can see many of you rolling your eyes through the computer!)  Tonight, I’ll leave it as a generalization.  The list of people involved in this post goes from my parents, to friends I’ve known for anywhere between 15-9 years, to friends I just met a few months ago!  But no matter where you are in that list, I’m so lucky that you’re there.  Each one of you has taught me something and is a part of me in a special and unique way.  Some of you drive me up the wall sometimes, but I still love you even when that happens. 

The frustrations, the good times, the happy memories, the scary memories, the horror movie memories, the memories of being um…encouraged (?) to play forte across the orchestra room, the memories of Gin Blossoms concerts, memories of Harry Potter sleepovers, memories of audition trips, memories of a few weeks ago with Catching Fire, concert memories, memories of duetting for concerto competitions, sitting in the hallway before classes talking (that can apply to so many people!) so on and so forth, they’re all in my head.  When I’m trying to sleep, sometimes these are the places I go.  Places that are warm and cozy, places that make me smile, make me relax, make me warm (when they took place in July…, which several did).  It’s not just the memories that are the important part of our friendships and family-ness, it’s the fact that yes, there are the memories, but there will be more memories coming!  That’s the best part.  I can look back, but I know there’s so much more to look forward to.  No matter how grey and snowy it is outside, that can always make me smile! 😀  I love you all and I’m looking forward to all the new memories that are on their way! 🙂


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