December 7, 2013: My wonderful section

Well, it finally happened.  That piece that we were supposed to play…a month ago (and then there was a gas leak, so we didn’t) got performed tonight!  YAY!  It was made even better because I got to perform it with a marvelous section!  Now, any one of you flutists that I’ve been in a section with before: it’s been an honor and a privileged, truly.  There are several of you with whom I’m still in contact (and I should call you soon…) and I love to talk to you, still!  There’s one difference in this section.  There’s only four of us (at the most we ever have six) and every last one of us gets along!  That’s the anomaly!

Flutes, clarinets, oboes, etc.  I haven’t known a single section where everyone gets along with each other, but this section is fantastic!  We do silly things, like…finish each others sentences, respond to each others texts at the same time, see movies together, play duets and trios(sometimes LOTR/Star Wars/Harry Potter, sometimes not), have enormous conversations under one another’s statuses on Facebook, you know…um…normal things?  Haha!  We’re more than a section and that’s what I love about us!  We’re friends, all of us, but we’re verging on family!  It’s not something you expect on a regular basis, but when you’re lucky enough to have it, it can’t help but make you smile and be so thankful that it exists.

We’ve only known each other a few months, the four of us.  We actually all met in person on September 4th of this year (yes, me and dates 😛 ), but in those three months we’ve grown to love and take care of each other as our own little section family!  Yes, our teacher encourages this (thank you!), but it’s something that happened to us without really trying!  I haven’t looked forward to coming to school everyday this much since my senior year of high school.  Now, I look forward to coming to school every single day, because I get to see my little cluster of flutey friends (and yes, non-flutey friends too 🙂 ) and know that, however cold, grey, sleepy, grumpy, or painful (like when I fall when I’m running 😛 ) my day starts, seeing them will always make it better!  Thank you to the best section ever! ❤ I hope we never lose the bond we have know! ❤


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