December 6, 2013: Dancing

(To the Blue Danube By Johann Stauss II) I love to dance, oh yes, I do, I love to dance, oh yes, I do…okay, my creativity for the night has run out.  I do love to dance, though, I always have.  Do I dance well?  Um…no, lol.  I’m a klutz when I’m moving linearly, when I try to do anything complicated it doesn’t look pretty, but I love it anyway.  I love doing my own thing when it comes to dancing and one of my favorite types of dancing is a type of aerobic dance: Zumba!  Yup, that’s me, I’ve bought into it hook line and sinker, because it’s so much fun!!!  (At least when it’s taught well!)

I don’t usually buy Groupons, but last spring when I was home from school my mom found a Groupon for a Zumba class not too far from where we live.  We bought it, I tried it, I’ve never looked back.  Between Zumba and running I am one happy camper!  I am picky about my dancing, though.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy other Zumba teachers than the one’s I started with, but there’s definitely an energy about their classes that I haven’t found elsewhere…yet! 😉  Dancing, in general, is made all that much better when you have friends with you.  That’s another thing that makes the class I started with so fantastic.

Rather than feeling like you’re an outsider, if you’re new, you’re welcomed with open arms by instructors and class-takers alike.  Because I was welcomed like that I have a great relationship with my instructors (and I miss the one of them that’s not around at the moment). But any dance, not just Zumba, is better with friends!  I remember high school dances.  I always had fun on the dance floor, no matter what, but it was always so much better when I had friends there with whom I could goof around.  It’s still better when I have friends, when I’m dancing.  Often, these days, because of temperature, time, and convenience, I dance alone in my apartment.  I do have a lot of fun, but it makes it twice as nice when I get to dance in a class, or just among friends, where there’s lots of energy, happiness, and where I don’t have to worry about disturbing my downstairs neighbors if I jump on the floor too hard! 😉


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