December 5, 2013: My Car

I’m a lucky kiddo, I have a car.  I love my car!  I may not use it all the time, but I’m so happy to have it.  It (he) takes me home when I want to go home, he takes me to school if I need to drive there, he takes me shopping but he’s, oddly more than that to me.  When I got him I said he was the most expensive school supply I’ve ever needed, and he was, at that point.  Now, he’s kind of an old friend.  He’s been through student teaching with me, taken me to twelve million lessons and auditions, and he’s done more than that.  He’s been my homework cubby, especially when I first got him, given me some personal space when I’ve needed it, he’s given me a quiet place to talk to my friends (where I get reception).

It seems funny to say my car is my friend, but he’s definitely got his own personality and, when I’ve needed refuge, my car has been there for me.  Like I said, I’m so happy I have my car.  He’s really a good old reliable ‘friend’ that I’m lucky to have! 🙂


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