November 30, 2013: Courage

Courage is such a difficult thing to find. I’ll admit, it seems like a strange thing to put here, to be thankful for, but I also think it’s one of the most important things for me. Courage is not always easy to find, but it can come out in the smallest details of everyday life. For me, I think courage has been hardest to find in music. Courage to take musical risks, courage to uh…PLAY FORTE 😉 , courage to take an audition!

It’s always been hardest for me to find courage in these three things. Some have been brought about by coaxing, some have been brought about by someone yelling at me across the orchestra room…(sorry, one of my favorite stories) and some have been brought about by books, training, and experience.

Regardless of how it happened I’m grateful for the experiences that have empowered me to do these things. Obviously, the nature of courage is taking a risk in the face of what you perceive as a threat. Still, it takes work, confidence, and courage to be able to take that risk in the first place. Does it sound redundant?

Undoubtedly, and yet it’s true. Every piece of the puzzle is a growing process, but somehow, to even grow courage it takes, well, courage and bravery.

I dunno, it seems strange that this topic could be so redundant, and yet I find, as I listen to my head that maybe it is. Either way, I’m thankful for my courage and for those who have helped cultivate and grow it.


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