November 27, 2013: Teachers

I suppose, perhaps, tonight’s post should be being thankful for my phone, because, since I have my phone, I don’t have to dig out my computer and set it up in order to do an update (of course, that says nothing for bad grammar, spelling, and punctuation on my phone. Hi Mom…) Either way, my phone is not the sort of thing I want to “be thankful” for. I mean, yes, obviously, I like my phone, but there are far more important things for which to be thankful.

Tonight’s topic? Teachers. I’ve been lucky enough to have so many talented, gifted, caring, and loving teachers. I’ll focus on specific teachers the further I go in this process, but tonight it’s a broad focus and not just my being thankful for my wonderful teachers, but thanking them for the time and effort they take to teach me and my classmates, to invest in us, to care about us. I cannot understand how that can’t make an impact on a student.

I am thankful for the courage they have to invest in each of us on an individual level, the time they put in to develop the classes, but also to make sure we, as students, succeed in their classes. I have been so privileged to work with so many phenomenal teachers and I am thankful for each and everyone and I extend my thanks to everyone. You are all truly amazing and, for all the students who can’t figure out how to say it, I will: thank you


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