November 25, 2013: Home…

Tonight’s the first night of “counting” what I’m thankful for. As I sit at home watching Rudolf all cozy and warm, surrounded by lots and lots of stuffed creatures I come to my first thing I’m thankful for: home. No matter how homey other places will be, no matter how much like family friends become, nothing is ever has good as coming home!

There’s just something special about being at home with family and friends, sleeping in your “own” bed (obviously, both my beds are mine), snuggling with home stuffed animals, eating home cooked food or food from near home. I don’t know what makes it so special, but something certainly does, you it’s feel more comfortable at home.

I’m thankful to have a home like this to come to on breaks and when I need a break and I’m thankful that I *want* to come home, since I know there are many people that don’t! I know I’ll always be welcomed and loved here and that’s the best part of coming home.


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