November 24, 2013: Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re back

Gahaha, sorry!  I really wasn’t planning to be gone from here for almost a month, but term papers, midterms, practicing, weather, stress…all of it provides a distraction.  I’m going to keep today short, but I want to give you a preview of what’s to come.  Starting this week and going through December I’m taking my blog posts (and yes, I will manage to post everyday) from something I saw on Facebook).  People on Facebook have been posting, as their statuses, what they’re thankful for through the whole month of November.  I want to go into the New Year remembering what I’m thankful for, so from (I guess tomorrow) and through January 1st, 2014, I will post a paragraph or so about people, places, things, activities, etc. that I’m thankful for.  I don’t use names, but I’ll do my best to tag people or send things to you, if the post is about you, or if you’re mentioned.

Keep a weather eye, it starts tomorrow! 🙂


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