Novemeber 7, 2013: Midterm accomplished!

Sorry for the, relatively, long silence.  As you all know, I’m in school which means, well, school has to come first.  That being said I had my first written midterm (and my only written midterm) today, so I expect you can imagine where my time has been spent the last several afternoons and evenings.  But the midterm is over and life can go back to a semi-normal schedule of homework, term papering, and blogging in the afternoons.  (Mornings are devoted to running, practicing, class, and rehearsals…don’t ask me how it all fits there, but it does!)  Mostly the last several days have been pretty normal, so there’s not a whole lot to report, but…

Yesterday was our first band rehearsal since um…our concert mishap.  It was a good rehearsal and it sounds like we’ll be playing Winds of Nagual at our next concert.  I have mixed feelings about that fact, but not much I can do about it. I’m still holding out for Angels in the Architecture, though.  After rehearsal yesterday afternoon we had master class where we got our flute quartet (Harmony in Blue and Gold by Eric Ewazen).  3/4 of our quartet were able to make to class yesterday afternoon and got our parts.  The movement titles are as follows:

1) “La Princesse du Pays de la Porcelaine”

2) “Counterpoint of Color”

3) “The Artisans”

4) “Fighting Peacocks”

I give you one guess to figure out which movement all three of us zeroed in on and immediately wanted to do!  Oh…complete with costumes, by the way!  In case anyone (actually gets this reference anymore) is wondering: I’m feeling quite…summery!  So that was great!  I’m really excited about this quartet! 😀

Today was a bit of a blur, I guess.  I got up and did Zumba with my DVD’s (hopefully, I didn’t drive my downstairs neighbor too insane.)  I went to school and practiced and then I went and wrote my hand off for an hour and ten minutes. Yup, we all took almost the whole time for our midterm.  I’m thrilled though, because I think I studied properly, at least for me, because I was able to create what I remember being comprehensive and logical responses to the test questions, but…as always for me, the test is a blur in my memory.  The rest of my day was basically spent in rehearsal.

Only one other funny moment worth sharing (aside from that time our principal oboist here scared me silly, by shouting “boo” at me as I turned a corner…I scare too easily!)  My friends and I were sitting outside their lockers in the practice room hallway in the music building and, I’m not really sure how this happened, but we definitely wound up watching “What Does a Fox Say?” on someone’s phone…that theme somehow managed to continue through orchestra.  Don’t ask…? lol 😉


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