November 1-2, 2013: As Gandalf would say: “…I was delayed…”

Last night the renovated synagogue we play concerts in here almost blew us to high heaven.  Wind Ensemble and Symphony Band were all ready to go play the concert that was supposed to happen last night when someone comes into the warm up room and announces that we have to evacuate.  Apparently, there was a gas leak in the building.  After quickly scrambling to get our instruments and coats we hurried across the street to the Union.  We stayed there for about an hour, at which point our band directors, dejectedly, called the concert.  If there is one “thing” that’s not complaining about that fact it’s my back.  Getting a few days away from alto flute and the Alieve bottle will do it some good.  Last night our director said that it was unlikely that we’d reschedule playing Winds of Nagual, but this morning we received an e-mail from him saying that he’s going to try to reschedule the piece on a different concert this semester.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens with that.  Last night will definitely become a great story for future performance disasters: “you think this is bad?  Let me tell you about the time…” 😉

Yesterday, aside from the crazy gas leak-thing, was just a strange day all around.  I had my audition class midterm in the morning, which was set up as a blind audition.  It was ten minutes long and, where I would normally go straight to a practice room after and get to work, I didn’t.  The four graduate flute students stood around talking for the rest of class time rather than practicing…after that, well, three of us continued to talk until band started…  We probably should have gotten up and gotten to work, but, like I said, yesterday was peculiar.

Today was far better.  I woke up and got some research done (I’m hoping to write the rough draft by Monday…keep doing research, but get the rough draft done too).  Then I went for a six mile (yes, you read that right) walk.  It was great!  I loved it!  I got to see all sorts of pretty houses and trees and my favorite lake! ❤ I came home, ate lunch and cleaned up a little bit around here.  Then off I went to practice for two and a half hours.  I wanted to go longer, but that would have taken me past 6:00pm and that didn’t seem like a wise decision.  Came home, studied some for my midterm on Thursday and…yeah, I guess that was mostly my day.

In other news: my high school got beaten in our first playoff game :(, but on the bright side the Blackhawks won! 😀  Tomorrow should be similar to today, but I will keep you posted on how tomorrow goes! 😉


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