October 28, 2013: CASTLE!

So after watching Castle tonight, (yup, I do occasionally splurge and focus on an hour of TV) I was texting with my mom and reading some of the episode reactions on a fan-site.  It was a lot of talk, between everyone, about how much they don’t like a character change in one of the leads, how they hate a new character that’s been introduced and that he should now be written out, has the show jumped the shark, yes or no?  And even as Mom and I were going back and forth about this it occurred to me: how hard must it be, as a writer, to try and stay true to your plot line, but still keep your fans content enough that they come back for more!  I can only imagine, with my blog, if people were constantly commenting and saying: you should discuss this topic!

No this one!

Can you delete that last post?  It’s annoying me!

But wait!  You don’t know where my overall thought process is going! (Okay, I don’t really have a long term plan for this, but you get the drift.) I think of the affect this must have on authors like Rick Riordin who has yet to write the last book in the Heroes of Olympus series.  I know he tries to stay away from all of the fan criticism, but some of it makes its way to him.  How can you avoid being affected by it?  I think it must be even harder in the land of television, because, typically with books, if you snare a reader they’re stuck because they fall in love with your characters and as readers, we tend to be very loyal.  I’ve noticed, even with myself and TV shows, if the writing starts to slip, if the characters seem…funny? my attention slips, I’m no longer engaged in an hour long show.  For example: now that NCIS has written out Ziva, I’ve stopped watching.  There is a distinct lack of chemistry on that show now (I find), it’s been that way for a while, but now that Ziva’s gone, I have no interest.  But should I wait and watch, see what plot twists and turns they bring up?  After all, if everyone had stopped watching NCIS after they killed Kate in season 2, well, we certainly wouldn’t have made it to season (what is this) 10?

So, if you’re inclined to comment, what do you think?  Are we all too harsh, being fair, or what?  I’m asking for exactly what I was just talking about…comments/feedback! *gulp*


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