October 27, 2013: BLARGH…or not?

So I’m sitting at my desk, copying research to note cards (yes I’m antiquated!) and pondering what to write tonight.  As I think I keep coming back to my desktop (a picture of me after the half marathon with the caption I added of “When you think you can’t remember what you’ve already accomplished and keep going!”)  Somehow that seemed like the appropriate topic for tonight as panic about this term paper of mine begins to settle in.

We all go through periods where we feel like we can’t do what we have to, but don’t we always get it done?  For me at least, if I stop and look at what I’ve already done, one term paper for one class is not so daunting!  I made it through four years of college, and graduated with a pretty good GPA, I got into grad. school, my undergraduate degree was music ed, meaning I took so many classes I could never see straight, I survived student teaching, and on and on it goes.  Really, one 12-15 page term paper (double spaced) is not that scary.  Really, it takes the fortitude to sit down and do the work.  That being said, I’m not sure why I find it easier to drag myself out on a run in 30 degree weather than I do to write this silly paper, but if I concentrate I know, not just think, know I can do everything I need and want to.

Yes, some days will be easier, some will be harder, but one way or another you grit your teeth and you get through the tough spots.  It’s the way life works, it’s the way things are, and really, if there were no challenge to life it would be boring.  So, for everyone who just got through midterms, for everyone going into finals, who has a big project due for work, anything of that sort…stop, take a minute to breath and focus and get to it! 🙂


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