October 25, 2013: Uneventful Days are the Best!

I’m going to take some time from, what has been, a productive evening because I need to update this. It’s worth the break. Today was fairly uneventful, a fairly normal Friday. Wake up, go on a, uh-er, refreshing (more like freezing) run, shower and get ready for class, head to school, warm up, go to audition class, practice, wind ensemble and then have the rest of the day to do with what I will.

I enjoy Fridays here, they’re pretty relaxing and comfy. Today was made even better because 3/4 of what is known as the Fab Four (no I did not assign us this name and we are the wind ensemble flute section) went out to lunch. By out, I mean to the Union, but still it’s “out”. I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait for more flute outings.

There’s so much flove going on in this section and I wish, for future reference I could pin down exactly the right mix of friendship, hard work, musicianship, personalities, and fun that makes flove happen, but for the life of me, no surprise here, I can’t create a magic formula. All I know is that it exists here and now and that’s the important part! Besides, you know you have friends when your lunch conversation dissolves into a fit of giggles watching this: http://youtu.be/Mj3D3gNNvxs

Other than that, I’ve spent tonight mostly doing homework. I’m about to embark on doing more. It’s starting to get quite windy here, so I hope that dies down before I need to drive tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted (for real this time) on things are going. 😉


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