October 24, 2013: One more day until Friday!!

Yup folks, it’s true.  Today’s Thursday, tomorrow is, therefore, Friday.  I can’t tell you how strange that is! It’s a pretty simple reason why too!  I can’t remember the last time time went this fast!  I mean, I’m a self admitted Dr. Who fan, so I can definitely go off on random rants about time streams, but the last time weeks flew by this quickly, I swear, I was in high school!  I mean, time went quickly during my year off, but this year just seems to be going so fast!  But what was today about? What interesting little tidbit do I have to share?

Well, let me give you my schedule for the day, which will give you an overview of my life on Tuesday/Thursday.

9:00am-11:00am Practice

11:00am-12:15pm Class

1:00pm-4:00pm Orchestra

Everything else around there is pretty open, in terms of my time.  That being said, it doesn’t mean I’m not busy.  So far today, I’ve done everything on the “schedule” (though I did get out of orchestra early), exercised, done dishes, and now I’m doing this.  Coming later, writing e-mails and studying/doing research for my term paper.  Now, mentioning all I plan to yet do tonight brings me to my main topic for this post.  It’s something that goes back to a conversation I had with my best friend a little over a year ago.  We were talking about how I was doing with my year off and I mentioned that I was practicing 3-4 hours a day, exercising for an hour a day, and working on grad school applications.  However, I expressed my frustration that I felt like I got more done in college.  That’s when the conversation turned to how much easier it is to do more when you have less time because you’re forced to prioritize.  It’s something I’m learning now with school.

I spend about three hours every day practicing, three and a half hours a week in class (not counting my lesson), and thirteen hours (counting my lesson and studio class) in rehearsal.  There’s a lot there, yes, but when you consider, during my undergrad, at my busiest I was carrying a much heavier load, this schedule still has a lot of free time.  It’s hard to organize it, but I’m learning and adjusting, but it’s a process.  We all have to go through this process at some point, but no matter when it happens, it’s never easy, and we always fall behind before we get ahead.  That’s life I suppose, you never stop learning and really, think about it, if we did stop learning, the world would be a pretty dreadful place. 😛


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