October 23, 2013: That moment when you realize…

     That it’s been exactly two months two the day since you last wrote on your blog…woops!  Why? Because things have been insane, wonderful, but insane!!!!  Why, you ask again?  Well, let’s start with the fact that a week before school started my housing for the year fell through, so I spent a month or so commuting, not by myself though, I had help!  Much thanks to Mom and Dad who drove me for that month so I could sleep and do homework on the drive!!! During that commuting period I ran the half-marathon and finished in 2:33, so no complaints there! I also had my first concert at school for Wind Ensemble and the Friday after I finally moved in I had my first orchestra concert.  There’s so much to tell from that time and I will get to it all, eventually, but I’ll have to do it slowly, because I’ve got lots of homework to be doing! 😉  Anyway, the main highlights have been my wonderful friends here!  I’ve met wonderful people and we get along and they’re all great and appreciate my silliness and I love being around them!!!! 🙂

I’ll give you a quick rundown of my day.  I had a good lesson.  I think my mid-term scales went well, so that makes me happy! I also had a pretty good wind ensemble rehearsal, which is a very good thing, considering our concert is next weekend!!!!  It’s also very important because we’re playing one of the hardest pieces I’ve ever played Winds of Nagual by Michael Colgrass.  It’s very cool, but very challenging, harder even than Kevin Walyck’s Symphony #2: Epitaphs Unwritten!!!  We also had a great studio class with a flutist who is also a writer, music critic, teacher, pretty much everything!  The class was about our careers and how we can adapt to a changing musical environment!  Helpful, interesting and wonderful!

Now I really *must* get to my term paper! I will write more tomorrow!!!


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