August 28, 2013: Where I’ve been the last 3 days

When things keep going wrong it can be hard to stay positive, but you have to try. I’m working on it and I apologize that I haven’t updated in several days, but things have been *insane*. How insane? Well, apartment hunting recommences now!

Surprise! Sometimes things don’t work out, but it’s far better to know that *now* than 6 months into a lease. I suppose it’s probably best to gloss over all the drama and insanity if the last several days because a) you don’t *want* to read that and b) I’m not sure I want that plastered all over the Internet. Suffice it to say the last several days have been frustrating.

The nice points of the last several days have been being able to spend a lot of time with Mom and some hard work. The hard work wasn’t exactly fun, but it was rewarding after it was done!

Other good things were getting in practice time on Monday and yesterday. (I think I practiced Monday…I forgot!). But that was good and it was such fun, when I got to do it. Today practice didn’t happen, at least not yet. I’m still hopeful.

I also got in a 6 mile run yesterday morning with approx. 10min./mile. I’m hoping that I can get in a 5 mile hilly run tonight. I’m gonna try for it when I get home. It will happen! 🙂

Today most of what I’ve done is sit in meetings, but I’m learning interesting things and I think that’s super important. I’m excited for school to start next week. I just have to be super scheduled! It’s a little overwhelming right now, bit that’s okay. I’ll get everything sorted out the rest if this week. When there’s a challenge you rise and meet it and you don’t forget to breath! 😉


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