August 25, 2013: I am still standing!

Exhausting, but pretty good! That describes today from start to finish! Definitely more good than exhausting, though. I started today with my 10 mile run! I made it through, healthy and happy, and I’m still walking, climbing stairs, and carrying box springs.

After that it was a blur of going to storage, collecting a few lamps and my bed frame, and heading to school to pick up my new mattress. It was lots of sitting (by which I mean driving) this afternoon, but that probably wasn’t a bad thing for me.

For those wondering, I did get some practicing in, which is good news! I’m hoping to get more in (plus a 6 mile run) tomorrow morning before Mom and I begin, again, on the seemingly endless task of packing and organizing for grad school!

I think I sound like I’m complaining, but I’m not! Today has been a really good day, as days tend to go, and I’ve tried to stay smiley and amenable through all of it (did I succeed, parents?)! I really do think that’s my goal for the rest of the week. It’s two fold and those of you reading this are going to hold me accountable 😉

Firstly, I need to stay happy and positive, if tired. Secondly, I need to put what’s important (ie. what I love) ahead of what’s urgent. That doesn’t mean I ignore my other obligations, it means I do whatever is necessary to make sure I run/cross-train and practice daily! Whatever, whatever, it takes! If I can stay happy and emotionally/physically healthy during this crazy week I can do it in grad school! 😀

Half-marathon training update: 10 mile run (3 miles shy of the final race) approx. 12:30 min/mile


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