August 22, 2013: Testing…ugh!

So, yes, I know I didn’t update this yesterday and I do sincerely apologize. But I’ve had tests. Two days both with three hour tests. Last night was music history and tonight was music theory. As much as I prepared I still felt unprepared for these tests, that’s how pervasive these exams were! Still, without the help of my college and high school professors I truly would have been sunk! So, if any of you read this I send a public thank you to my high school’s Doc, Mrs. L, and Dr. H! I definitely could not have done this without you!

I think I maybe did okay on the tests? I had the confidence in the exams when I needed it, so I’m allowed to be totally insecure now, lol.

The best part of the tests was that I got to meet some of my fellow grad students. I was able to meet two of the other flute grad students in person and I like them both a lot! I cannot wait to work with them as colleagues! I definitely think we have a great future together in the coming two years and I can’t wait to meet the other two students and see where our graduate school adventures take us. Among our adventures, I suspect the flute fair will be among them and that is a party in and if itself, so together new friends, old friends, and lots of flute-i-ness should equal an over dose of flove in the best possible way! At the moment that’s the majority of what I have to report, so I’ll keep you posted on grad school prep, marching band, and my test results when I get them, which will hopefully be next week!

Half-Marathon training update: yesterday 5 miles approx. 10 min./mile

Today: basically a rest day


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