August 20, 2013: Craziness

Insanity! Today just felt totally crazy! There’s just so much to do! The good news is today I made it through the Romantic period, in my music history studying, to the 20th century, where I am far more comfortable and competent, partly because I’ve been studying it on and off since February. Thank goodness for that!

This morning I woke up and started studying. I studied for about an hour, maybe a bit longer, and then I got to work practicing. I got a lot of good practice time in this morning and had a great time doing it.

That, and a bit more studying, took up the morning and most of the early afternoon. Around 2:30 I went and got my bike and headed up to the high school for marching band rehearsal. It was a fun time, though there wasn’t much for me to do today. I got to meet the new-ish orchestra director, though, which was nice. I always see him around and he isn’t much older than me, but we never talked until today. I like him, he seems pretty cool and I know he’s talented!

After marching band Mom met me at the high school and we went for a bike ride, not 20 miles, just 12 or so when all was said and done. We also walked up to the local music festival, but it was so crazy tonight we just turned around and came home. Tonight, I should try to study a bit more, take a shower, and sleep so I can do my running/practicing thing in the morning before we leave for tests (YIKES!)


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