August 17, 2013: So many lessons, so little time…

I had such a good day today! I can’t believe how amazing today was! It started with a great Zumba class with my teacher who no longer lives in the area. She and her family came back for a visit and she took the opportunity to teach some Zumba. I’m not complaining I had so much fun with her, I’m happy she was back today!
After Zumba I headed home and had some warm up time before my lesson this afternoon. Between warming up and my lesson Mom and I ate lunch and I got in some studying for my diagnostic tests.

My lesson with Dr. Keeble was probably the best part of my day, though. It’s the best feeling in the world to walk into a lesson with a professor who’s been helping you with your sound for over a year, you’ve had a lesson with said professor about a week ago, and the first words out of the professor’s mouth (ie. Dr. Keeble) are: that’s the best I’ve ever heard it. Yup, that’s how my lesson started and, even though it was a challenging lesson, it continued in the same vein! It was such a fantastic lesson! We worked on the exposition of the first and second movements of the Mozart G major concerto. I was so happy when I left and the rest of the night has continued that way!

After my lesson Mom and I headed to the chamber music concert and met my dad there. It was a good concert and the students are very talented, but I will admit, I studied for exams through all of it. As much as people scoff at my habit of doing that, I have to say, I really enjoy reading/studying/listening to music in that manner! To me the different disciplines complement each other very well! Once the concert was over I got to catch up with some old friends during the reception and then Mom, Dad, and I went out for dinner.

Tomorrow, the big excitement is an 8 mile run… I can’t wait!


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