August 16, 2013: So much to do, so little time!

Well, I obviously haven’t updated for several days, but I’m back at the keyboard busily typing away. Things have been crazy over the last several days andI also thought it would be wise to wait to update until I truly had something worth saying. Of course, as I plot out this post, I realize I may have way too much to say in this post now.

Wednesday was a great day! I woke up and ran before my train downtown. Once I got downtown I wandered off to grab lunch before my lesson and while at lunch…I ran into a fellow alumn from my high school. I didn’t get to talk to him for very long, but long enough to touch base and know that everyone seems to be doing quite well.

After lunch I, of course, had my lesson which was fantastic this week! I have much to work on before seating auditions in a few weeks, but I’m not complaining. I have the time and the energy (I think) to make my audition music the best it can be! I’m really excited for the coming fall and to be able to say that I’m a performance major and have all the responsibilities that come with that.

Yesterday I was at band camp basically all day and I had a BLAST! I was definitely having more fun than the students were at some points. I got to help with drill in the morning and teach sectionals, which I think were quite productive and in the afternoon I got to have a little extra fun!

One of my dearest friends was in town this week and yesterday I was able to see him while the marching band was in music rehearsal. It was so much fun to see him and catch up and just generally chat about grad school (he’s going for conducting), music in general, friends, school, high school, and lives. After we spent an hour or so sitting around and chatting he drove me back to the high school and we got to see the other alumni and he got to catch up with Doc for the first time since we graduated high school. He also came out to the field and watched some of the marching rehearsal. I realized, as he was out there, that this is the first time any of my close friends have actually seen me in a teaching role. If he’s reading this: I’d like to know what you thought and what your feedback is on my style etc. Hey, I’d be happy for any feedback on my writing from people as well, though Mom is already a pretty stellar editor, though she only sees these with everyone else.

After band camp was over Mom and I went on a walk, a serious walk, like 7.5 miles! So much fun (I know, everything seems like so much fun, but it is!!) We walked for two hours talking about all sorts of things and we had lots of fun together! We also walked up to the local outdoor concert venue and listened to last night’s concert, which just happened to be Lord of the Rings and if you know me, you know that hearing that pretty much made my life! And tonight I got to hear more of it, as we walked past again tonight.

This morning started with a 5 mile rub, some marching band camp, some pretty productive sectionals, and then I headed home because I have diagnostic tests in five days! YIKES! So I spent the rest of the afternoon studying and then Mom, Dad, and I went out for dinner. When we came back Mom and I walked down to hear LOTR again and now I’m just figuring out tomorrow morning which is Zumba Saturday and then Sunday morning is my long run. Life is about pacing and that’s becoming so clear as this summer continues. Tomorrow afternoon I have another lesson with Dr. Keeble and tomorrow night my parents and I are headed to a chamber music concert. I’ll keep you posted on life.

Also, let me know if you want to see daily posts, weekly posts, or posts every other day. I’m trying to figure out what people want to read.

Half-marathon update: Wednesday 5 miles hills: 11 min/mile
Friday: 5 miles easy: 11.5 min/mile


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