August 13, 2013: 20 mile bike rides are normal…right?

So what’s better than biking 19 miles? Running 20 miles? Actually, no! As much as I love my distance running going 20 miles now sounds painful to me! (Though at some point I think marathoning might be fun!) But, yup, today Mom and I biked 19 miles!

Beyond that major excitement today I got lots of studying done! Okay, so lots means 2 chapters, but that still gets me through the last part of Medieval music, Ars Antiqua, Ars Nova, and the first bit of the Renaissance! Not as much as I might want to cover, but I’m not complaining!

I also got to lead sectionals again at my high school, which was so much fun! We worked on double tonguing and tricky rhythms today. The section did really well with both and I think, as tired as they’ll get as the week progresses, they’re still going to be impressive!

Tomorrow’s line up is my flute lesson, in the city, running (5 miles), and maybe seeing one of my best friends! It should be a good day! :o)


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