August 11, 2013: And now, a break

Well, home again, home again! It’s definitely nice to be back, I will say that! I think the number one best thing about being home is the bed! It may be older and lumpy, but it isn’t a rock! That makes all the difference in the world! I feel like I actually had a good nights sleep and I didn’t wake up sore!

Today, I’m pretty much taking things easy, sort of…I suppose a 9 mile run isn’t really “easy”, but it sure was fun! I was a little slower than some days, but that’s okay! Long runs are more about distance than time, which I find must constantly remind myself!

Beyond that, I’m taking one day, only one, off from practice, so as to mentally recover and then tomorrow things get insane again! I start working with my high school’s marching band camp tomorrow, but that should be lots of fun and it’ll definitely give me ample practice time, which will be good, since I have both a lesson with Dr. Keeble coming up and grad school seating auditions very, very soon! Of course, I don’t get a day off from everything! Some serious studying needs to take place now! Diagnostic tests are in ten days and I’ve taken it too easy too long! It’s time to get to work!

Beyond these things today’s been pretty easy! We all went sports shopping this evening, which was enjoyable and mom and I went for a short walk tonight, before dinner, which was also pleasant. Beyond that it was a very easy day, which was a lovely change from 6am-10pm every day (though I go back to that tomorrow) 🙂

Half-marathon update: 9 miles long run. Approx. 9 min/mile (though my first two miles were almost 14 min!)


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