August 9, 2013 ARIA 2013 Session IV: Day 10

Little by little I’m getting packed!  Yeesh!  Ten days, who knew I had so much stuff?!?  Things are coming together, though.  At this point I should be able to finish up for tonight in a couple minutes and then tomorrow morning should be really easy, which will be nice!  But that’s a minor detail compared to how the rest of today went, which was great!

This morning we, sort of, had our last master class with Judy.  This one was mock auditions and I did play and I got some valuable advice, which Judy elaborated on later in my lesson with her!  It was a fascinating!  I think I learned more listening to Judy’s comments about many of my friends who played in the class, because today it wasn’t just how to practice it was a lot about how to approach an audition confidently.  As Dr. Keeble says, you make your first impression in 45 seconds, then you spend 45 minutes trying to keep or change that impression.

This afternoon, after getting drenched in a torrential down pour, I had my last lesson with Judy and I’m so glad I did!  It was such an amazing lesson!  We worked on articulation, one of my major weaknesses and she gave me some exercises to work on to improve my articulation and we also worked on my sound.  I feel like I had a break through in my lesson when it came to my sound, I just hope I can replicate it once I’m at home! (fingers crossed!)

After that we had our truly final master class with Linda (and Judy).  Judy was observing, but the two of them kept playing off of one another, it was hilarious!  It was such a beneficial class.  Unlike last sessions Mozart class, this one had so much life and so much that was important that we talked about.  From tone, to phrasing, to articulation, to style we talked about everything.  I loved how Linda and Judy leaned on one another during the class because the two perspectives (and seeing the two of them get along so swimmingly, just gave the whole class a cozy, fun atmosphere that made the end of this session really special! 

I’ll definitely keep you all posted on how things are going and I will get those notes typed up!  Tomorrow it’s home again, home again, thank goodness! 🙂  Oh, and I’ll let you know how my long run goes on Sunday, tomorrow is Zumba day! 😀


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