August 8, 2013 ARIA 2013 Session IV: Day 9

Ask me how I am, go ahead, ask me!  The answer would be exhausted!  There are times you forget how tired, mentally, you can become, but I was rudely reminded today.  I’m not sure how physically tired I truly am, but mentally, I have the attention span of a squirrel!  Thank goodness I’m recording these classes because I’m really not 100% convinced of how much I’m absorbing from them at this point!

I do know that this morning’s master class was on the Reinecke Concerto and it was very interesting, it was also quite enjoyable!  Two of my friends played on the class, which made it that much more interesting to watch.  We also continued a discussion, which we started yesterday afternoon, about confidence when you perform.  Faking it until you make it popped back into focus and it was definitely a worthwhile conversation to have.  In, semi-unrelated news, I have tons of book titles and authors to share, which I will be perfectly happy to do…once I get home! 🙂

This afternoon, during break, I walked into town to change things up.  Came back, did some reading and shock I actually studied a little bit too! (Probably a good thing, since diagnostic tests are ten days from Sunday! YIKES!)  This afternoon our master class was with Linda (Toote).  It was her first day this session and it was her piccolo class.  Honestly, I was falling asleep by that point, I’m just so mentally drained!  However, I did pick up a few things.  Among them are reiterations from last session, but the fact that a piccolo must play in tune above having a good tone!  Also, for your notes that are out of tune, there are as many alternate fingerings as you can create yourself!  I think that’s kind of fun and exciting, although time consuming!  It was a good class though, and I can’t wait to go back through the recording when I can think straight again!

Tomorrow is day 10, our last day! 😀  It’s bittersweet, but seeing as none of us can focus anymore, the session is getting rather silly!  Tomorrow morning’s master class is with Judy and it’s mock-auditions.  I think I’m playing, but we’ll see, I suppose.  Tomorrow afternoon I have my last lesson, with Judy, hopefully it will go well.  I need to be able to focus for 40 minutes so I can glean something of her wonderfulness and then I can zone out, at least for an hour or so before our master class with Linda (last one, yay!)  That one is on Mozart and I am decidedly not playing because it would do me no good!

Half-marathon training update: I ran this morning, even though I wasn’t really supposed to, but it was clear, so I took advantage, since it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow.  4 mile easy run.  10:30-11:30min/mile…yeah I was slow, but I’m becoming okay with that.  I’ll probably be really slow Saturday, but it doesn’t matter how fast I go Saturday, the mileage and being healthy at the end of it are what matter! 🙂


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