August 7, 2013 ARIA 2013 Session IV: Day 8

Well, it’s day 8 and this morning was Professor Thorne’s last day here at ARIA.  He did this morning’s master class was about phrasing and tone like yesterday.  We definitely got a lot of valuable information from him about those topics.  From teaching about his views on how to hold the flute to reminding us that, when we approach phrasing, we need to approach it like a speaker, and we should, therefore, watch/listen to great orators and comedians because of their diction and timing.  I think the most important thing he told us were his parting words, which reiterated something he told us on Monday when he met us.  Whatever he’s told us, we should try.  If it works, great, if not, move on, it’s okay!  I think that, and his reiteration of Dr. Keeble’s saying: if you aren’t happy (for extended periods of time) something’s wrong, and it’s natural to question your path, those, I believe are the most important lessons Professor Thorne left us with.

This afternoon I started to pack, which I thought was a good idea.  It makes Saturday, and the next two days, that much less stressful.  There’s still a lot to pack, obviously, but a good chunk is done.  I also went into town and paid a visit to the coffee shop, which is wonderful, as ever!  I practiced a bit for this afternoon’s master class and read a little.

This afternoon’s class was about Kuhlau duets and it was great.  Three groups played.  I was in the last and I had a really good experience.  There was so much we worked on, musically, and it was so much fun.  I’m just glad I have it recorded, because you do forget what happened when you’re onstage!  So much of today was aimed at communication in duets and talking through the music!  Especially because I enjoy chamber music, but haven’t played it in years, it was a really great lesson to have!  I love how Judy’s classes become more and more interesting each day and I’m really excited for my lesson with her on Friday (I just wish it wasn’t on Friday! 😛 )  Tomorrow’s excitement?  Linda comes!  YAY! 😀  So, even though I don’t have much on the docket tomorrow, it should be a good day! 🙂

Half-marathon update: 5 miles (AYF): approx. 10:30-11min/mile


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