August 6, 2013 ARIA 2013 Session IV: Day 7

Well, it’s happened, we’ve made it a week!  This session, unlike last, where by this point I was a puddle, I am currently rather chilly and contemplating putting on the sweatshirt that resides on my bed!  But, that’s a separate topic than actually talking about ARIA!  Today has been hectic!  It seems the farther along we get into this session the goofier things get for me!  I don’t know that it’s a bad thing, it’s simply a fact!

This morning’s master class was on the Bach E Major Sonata.  It was a really good class and I got to play on it which was exciting!  We talked about a lot very good things in general, including how to approach the written ornaments!  It was fascinating and I really enjoyed listening to the class.  I also really enjoyed playing in the class!

One of the most amazing things Judy did with in the first 5 minutes of my playing was totally help me figure out my sound!  How?  She simply told me to anchor (not be tense, or inflexible) my corners and that got me to aim my air down into the instrument, something Dr. Keeble has been trying to get me to do for ages!  After that we worked on a few rhythmic things and evening out my sixteenth notes.  It was really a helpful master class all the way around and I’m really glad I played.

After lunch I had my lesson with professor Thorne.  Sadly, it wasn’t as productive of a lesson as I would have hoped.  I’ll take part of the blame because I was expecting something different from my lesson after his talk yesterday, but such is life.  I’ll take what I did learn in my lesson and apply it where I can.

Contrary to my lesson, professor Thorne’s master class was fascinating.  It was about phrasing and it was very intense and very detailed.  His biggest point was that so much of phrasing has to come from analysis.  It makes sense, I suppose, when you consider that you need to know what the harmony is doing in order to make melodic decisions!  It was a very interesting class and I have tons of notes from it!  It was also very interesting to hear professor Thorne work with all the students who played and hear him help them with their phrasing.  Like he says: phrasing in music is like diagramming a sentence, and he’s right.  That’s exactly what it is and a point I tried to drive home to my private students!

Tomorrow is professor Thorne’s last day and his last class is tomorrow morning!  It should be more of the same as today.  I believe I’m supposed to play on tomorrow afternoon’s master class, which is the Kuhlau duet class and that should be lots of fun!  No lessons tomorrow, no more until Friday.  Tomorrow is also a 5 mile run, so that should be lots of fun and super exciting! 😀


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