August 3, 2013 ARIA Session IV, Day 4

Well, today was a good day!  (Always a good way to start!)  It started with a lovely long run, 8 miles!  That went quite well, I was happy!  This mornings master class, taught by Professor Mendenhall, was about effective methods of practicing.  I really enjoyed it and I thought some very useful advice came out of the lesson!  We talked about phrasing, ways to practice and a bit about articulation and some other things.

After this morning’s master class I ran around frantically trying to find a printer.  When that failed, rather miserably I came back to my room and practiced, for about an hour, before it was time to go to the afternoon master class, with Dr. Keeble, where we spent the better half of it discussing what needs to be perfect to win an audition.  Here are the four main points:

1) Rhythm: must be perfect

2) Intonation: must be flawless, but there’s room to interpret what flawless means

3) Clean fingers: your technique needs to be clean

4) Sound: since it’s so unique with flute, there’s lots of room for interpretation here!

Four items, who would think there would be so much to discuss!  There is, though!  We talked about how to fix sloppy rhythms, ways to practice to improve pitch, and what is typically thought to constitute a good sound!  It was such a useful class and I’m really sad that tomorrow is Dr. Keeble’s last day!  I’ve learned so much from him, again, in such a short amount of time!  I do recognize that I’ve been very privileged to be able to study with him as much as I have.

In other news: my lesson schedule has changed!  Where I started with 2 lessons with Dr. Keeble, 1 lesson with Professor Thorne, and 1 lesson with Linda I know have: 2 lessons with Dr. Keeble, 1 lesson with Professor Thorne, and 1 lesson with Professor Mendenhall.  My only regret is that my lesson with Professor Mendenhall is on the last day, but that’s alright.  It just means I’ll have to focus more through the whole up coming week! 🙂  Tomorrow I have my second lesson with Dr. Keeble, so that should be fantastic.  Now, I’m off to make one last ditch attempt at finding a printer, wish me luck!

Half marathon training update: 8 mile long run: 3 miles of it= 10:30 min/mile, 5 miles of it= 11-11:30 min/mile.  Not too shabby? 😉


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