August 2, 2013 ARIA Session IV, Day 3

It’s kind of hard to believe it’s already day 3 of Aria!  Of course, wait three or four more days and I’ll be moaning and wondering how long until I get to go home, isn’t that how this goes?  🙂  Today was interesting and definitely entertaining!  This morning’s master class was on the Marcel Moyse La Traviata tone studies with Professor Mendenhall!  It was a really interesting particularly because of her approach.  We (as flute players) frequently hear that playing flute is like singing.  Often this refers to the technical aspect of playing the flute, not necessarily the musical aspect.  Today’s master class focused on how musical interpretation of music should be like singing, everything from understanding the libretto behind the music to phrasing like a singer (often because of the understanding of the libretto!  I think that approach is going to influence how I approach music from now on.

Again, today was a lesson-free day, so I spent my 3 hour break practicing and reading.  It was actually a pretty productive practice session, which was great, especially since halfway through I got my grad school seating audition list!  It’s an interesting variety of pieces that we have to play, but I’m excited to work on them.  I’m bringing them to my lesson with Dr. Keeble on Sunday, which I’m incredibly excited about! 😀

Speaking of Dr. Keeble…his master class today was on a piece by Frank Martin, his Ballade for flute and piano.  More specifically, his class was on colors and using vowel shapes when playing.  It was such a great class, as all of his are.  He’s so great at involving everyone in what’s happening in the class and finding positive things, along with what needs to be changed, in an individual performer’s playing.  The way he instructs individuals also makes it easy and clear for the observers (us) to follow along.  His ideas about vowel shapes are amazing and, even though I’ve already applied many of them to my own playing, there’s more I can do and I can’t wait to work on it more!  Tomorrow’s schedule is much the same as today’s and I’m hoping for an equally productive practice session before my next lesson!

Half-marathon training update!  Today: 4 miles easy: 10:30 min/mile

Tomorrow: long run, 8 miles! 😀


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